Weaver, Jen


unnamedJen is a communicator, both through the written word, public speaking, and teaching. She’s passionate about helping people achieve freedom and fullness in everyday life and enjoys serving as a women’s mentor and in freedom ministries. Her goal is to consistently provide engaging authentic empowered communication—no matter if you’re reading her blog, attending her session at an event, or simply having a conversation over coffee.

Jen has a BA in Communication Studies from Ashford University and lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her incredible husband and energetic son. Find her on her blog at thejenweaver.com and on Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/thejenweaverpage], Twitter [https://twitter.com/TheJenWeaver], Instagram [http://instagram.com/thejenweaver] and Pinterest [http://www.pinterest.com/thejenweaver].

Her first book she’s working on is titled At the Edge of Ever After. It’s written for the married Christian woman who desires greater favor, intimacy, peace, and security in her life. She looks at truths about a woman’s role as a wife, not to better her marriage but to better herself. It’s a book about releasing the fullness of God in her life through her husband. She says society has long discarded the role of a submissive wife as an outdated premise. But through media coverage including Lady Gaga’s misinformed perspective of submission, God is bringing the conversation of marital authority to the forefront.