Hunt, Vanessa

Vanessa-At-The-Picket-FenceI currently reside in the Pacific Northwest with my wonderful, best friend of a husband and 2 precious kiddos. You will often hear them referred to as “Yankee Boy” and the “Rascals.” I do realize that sounds like some kind of crazy, backwoods blue grass band!

I am a full-time, stay-at-home mom who doesn’t find herself staying home all that much. This role of wife and mother is beyond what I ever hoped for and it was definitely not the easiest one to come by. If you want to find out more about my journey to motherhood, I will be sharing our story in a series called “A Labor of the Heart.”

I adore my extended family and one of my deepest longings would be to have all of us living near each other. We all actually like each other! With everyone in different states we do what we can to stay connected and we definitely make the most of our times together! Blogging has been such a wonderful way for my sister and I to be apart of each other’s lives, even across the miles. We are so excited to be on this journey of life together and to get to share in yours as well!

On our blog, At the Picket Fence ( we provide women with the instructions for simple, budget-friendly ideas for their homes which prove that one doesn’t need to consider themselves creative to create a home they love. With these ideas for their homes, we also give inspiration for their hearts. Through sharing simple stories of faith, we want to encourage and challenge women to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ.

Vanessa and her sister Heather have over 100,000 followers on Facebook and over 13,000 on Pinterest as well as a strong presence on Instagram and Twitter.

They say, “We are so alike. If you’ve met one of us, you’ve met the other.” Heather quickly proclaims she’s the older sis. Not only are they bloggers but they often speak at conferences and believe very much that you don’t have to have a perfect home for it to be a peaceful home.