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Looking for more than your typical publicity campaign? We think campaigns are about changing lives with your message. BlogAbout Bloggers hit the street to change hearts, change peoples lives, and point them to Christ. We do campaigns with a mission. Many times our bloggers come back to us with stories of how God’s hand is involved in their work and it could only be in His timing that they were connecting with an unlikely person who needed to hear the message of the book or mission of the company at just that moment.

For instance, someone had asked one of our bloggers about the Bible just before the blogger started working on a Bible campaign with us and that person searching for answers about God was who Rafflecopter selected as the winner of the blogger’s giveaway copy. This is what we like to call an untrackable reach. A life changed with the message or the connection of the blogger, but doesn’t always equate to sales. But one eternal life is more than any sales goal.

Although one of our bloggers did buy 144 copies of a book we featured to take with her to give to and go through with the missionaries she oversees. This book hooked the blogger, who then shared with 144 missionaries, who then shared the message of the book with the people they serve in the mission field.

We create unique angles from the content of the book or product for our bloggers to center their reviews on or to talk about on social media. BlogAbout finds ways to help bloggers and social media activists reach more of their audience. Our intentional connection with each of the BlogAbout Bloggers has built a strong, reliable, and large community that’s reflected in each of our campaigns. We feel this is what continually brings back some of the industry’s elite as our clients.

Untrackable reach. Unbelievable stories. One of a kind campaigns.

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