We represent authors, both fiction and non-fiction, whose books are primarily geared for the adult trade book market with some young adult titles. If your book fits into these categories and you would like to submit your book to me to consider, please follow these steps:

To submit your query for AGENT REPRESENTATION:

Email your book proposal and three sample chapters to:

If we are interested in your project, we will be in touch with you within eight weeks of when you send your submission. If we do not think your book is something we can represent, we may or may not be able to respond depending on current workload.

If we are not able to respond within 12 weeks, you can assume we are not going to be able to pursue your project. We encourage you to check out the Christian Writers’ Market Guide where you will find pages of agent listings. We hope that you are successful in finding just the right agent and publishing partner for your work.

To submit a request for a quote on a PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN, please click here.

Thank you for your interest.

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