Kovac, Sarah

sarahkovacSarah is foremost a wife and mother to a 2-year-old son Ethan. Sarah was born with a rare congenital birth defect called AMC, which left her with arms she can barely use. She taught herself to use her feet as hands. She uses her feet to type, put on makeup, cook dinner, and change her son’s diapers. She was working on a college degree in English but put it on hold in order to stay home when her son was born.

In April of 2010, she responded to a call for iReports on CNN.com by uploading a video of a typical morning for her and Ethan, which included her diapering and feeding him with her feet. A couple of days later, she and Ethan were featured as the top story on CNN.com and on the CNN TV channel. Since then, she feels blessed to have been able to share her story at different churches and schools. She worked as the Opinions Editor for Missouri Western State University and won an award from the Missouri College Media Association for her writing.

She writes a blog (sarahkovac.com) and connects with people from all over the world through social media and her YouTube channel where she uploads video of how she does various activities with her feet. Since her first upload in April of 2010, she has had over 110,000 page views.