The Blog Spot’s Featured Blogger

Each month we select a blogger who has caught our attention through their writing and their review of the books we offer through The Blog Spot. We feature the blogger here and in The Blog Spot Bulletin (our monthly e-blast to The Blog Spot bloggers).

This month’s featured blogger is:

Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds has been addicted to the written word since before he was old enough to attend school and run around  like a pint-size maniac on the playground. He is married to a wonderful woman of faith, Holly. They adopted a teenage son, Elijah, in 2015.

Jason earns his living by stringing multifarious sentences together for a community newspaper in Middle Tennessee. He is also a blogger, aspiring author, and is launching a podcast this spring featuring Christian authors, singers and filmmakers.

An excerpt from Jason’s review of Ali Worthington’s book, Breaking Busy:

Her goal is to help women live the life they were created to live. Worthington co-founded BlissDom Events and has helped individuals, small business owners and Fortune 500 companies be more successful. She is a busy woman, but she used to be much busier.

Read more from Jason’s review or check out his humorous disclaimer here: