Literary Agency

As agents, we come alongside writers and organizations that want to publish and make available, in one or more formats, an idea or message to reach not just a few but the masses. We provide clients with assistance in book proposals, present and place their book with publishers, negotiate publishing contracts, and involve our experience in the promotional aspects of book projects from contract through publication.

We are a boutique agency that invests time with writers to further develop the content of their book, the title, the unique marketing hooks that separate their book from others, and we think through how to reach potential readers. We are intentional with the author relationships we foster within in our agency, including a private online group to deepen relationships with our authors, and the authors can do the same with each other.

Fiction Clients

Fraser, Frank

Raum, Elizabeth


Non-Fiction Clients

Bishop, Erin

Brown, Matt

Carroll, Amanda

Carroll, Amy

Chambers, Arron

Corcoran, Elisabeth

Cowen, Diane

Crosby, Robert

Day, Daniel Ryan

Farrell, Katie

Gumm, Julie

Hambrick, John

Harling, Becky

Hunt, Vanessa

Jernigan, Jenifer

Jones, Donna

Keller, Matt

Kopitzke, Becky

Kovac, Sarah

Mateer, Julia

McIntosh, Dr. Helen

Mikels, Juana

Patterson, Heather

Philpott, Sarah

Pogue, Bekah Jane

Pope, Wendy

Ravener, Bob

Reich, Josh

Shott, Stephanie

Smalley, Erin

Smalley, Greg

Snapp, Natalie

Stanley, Jeanette

Stanley, Kelly O’Dell

Stevens, Tim

Temple, Mitch

Tiede, Vicki

Weaver, Jen

Whitted, Rick

Wilson, Deborah

Young, Chad