Pogue, Bekah Jane


Bekah Jane Pogue is a writer and speaks regularly at MOPS groups, women’s church groups, women’s conferences, and to college groups such as the APU Freshmen Class. She blogs at UpcycledJane.com, which gains more than 20,000 unique visitors each month.

She has published over 20 articles on parenting, marriage, storytelling, recipes, grief and intentional living, and guest blogs for Atascadero Bible Church and a number of well-known Christian bloggers.

She is married to Bryan, a middle school pastor, and enjoys investing and mentoring their post-college and young professional volunteer staff. As a mom to two energetic young boys, Bekah has a heart to encourage women to find their identity and freedom in Christ, to live intentionally, and enjoy desserts. She is very much in process, and choosing to enjoy the journey God has before her.

As she passionately shares her story, her hope is to help others experience God in tangible, authentic ways as they discover their created selves. When she’s not writing or speaking, you can find her at The Pogue Cottage surrounded by Legos and beach sand, where she’s baking, up cycling art, or re-arranging furniture. Bekah invites you to join her, and together scatter a contagious joy for sensing Him all-around.