Brown, Matt

Matt_Brown_ThinkeMatt and Michelle Brown are evangelists, and founders of Think Eternity, an evangelistic nonprofit. Matt is the author of several books, including Revolutionaries: Men and Women in Every Century Who Advanced Christianity and a frequent blogger at Their speaking ministry has taken them to the ends of the earth with thousands of people who have dedicated their lives to Christ. They also serve as frequent radio guests, adjunct professors on evangelism, and minister to over a hundred thousand people on social media on a near-daily basis.

Recently Matt worked full time for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association towards an outreach to the next generation in the United States, held by Franklin Graham, in which over 112,000 people attended in four U.S. cities along the Mississippi River.

Matt Brown’s powerful messages have been preached from coast to coast across the United States and around the world – impacting large audiences from many denominations. He and his wife, Michelle, represent a new wave of evangelism – communicating the gospel with passion but also with much needed relevancy.  Matt and Michelle Brown are the new faces of American evangelism.  

–Doug Wead,  former White House special assistant to President George Bush Sr. & New York Times bestselling author