Fraser, Frank

author_frankfraserAuthor, Illustrator, Creator of Brands
Frank has spent over thirty years as an award-winning creative director in the advertising and entertainment industries building relationships between consumers and some of the biggest brands and properties in the world.

He has been Disney Consumer Products Creative Director for the “Winnie the Pooh” brands, he wrote and illustrated Bearista’s Grand Adventure  a children’s storybook created exclusively for Starbucks and distributed among their 10,000 stores, Co-Producer and Art Director for the Emmy nominated television series “Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks,” Creative Director for NFL, and Executive Producer for “Artzooka!”  a new art show launched February 2010 on Nick, Germany, and is now seen in markets around the world.

He is now writing several books under a new brand developed to teach kids how and why to pray, sharing love with someone who needs it, and that the Bible can be used to solve problems in our lives.