Life, Love & Books

There are three things that define my life.

Well, not all of my life, but a good chunk of it. The three things that wake me up and put me to sleep are: 1) living life (some days better than others but living as a follower of Jesus nonetheless), 2) loving kids (I have 3. That is all.), and 3) reading books. Well, more accurately, reading a lot of book proposals and manuscripts, which are the pieces before they become actual living, breathing books. 

My loves are varied almost like the garden I wish I could grow. Lots of beautiful colorful things that you like to call flowers but I don’t see a lot of around here (at least not in my yard). We live in Colorado and I have no gardening skills so it’s just a pipe dream for me.

But my potpourri-like garden o’ life includes these loves: my husband of 10 years (yep, we just celebrated 10 years of still loving each other despite our flaws and crazy habits) and our 3 little loves: daughter age 6 and boy/girl twins age 4, mom, dad, brother, sisters-in-law, nieces, and cousins. Did I mention our poodle? He requires the least amount of attention yet his unconditional licking constitutes some of the greatest moments of love in our lives.

So these are my passions and what I would tell you if you asked me what I’m all about. 

The title of my blog is all about life, love, and books. Sometimes these overlap into a giant mosaic – like the ones your kids have created and you pretend that you can make out what is what, but you’re really stumped. But sometimes these areas are as compartmentalized as the divisions on my kids’ Tupperware plates. Still on the same plate but separate boxes. And I’m trying my best to keep my peas from spilling into my mashed potatoes.

Which brings me to how and why I started blogging. ‘Cause after all, aren’t we all a little curious as to what drives someone to spend time writing something that you hope someone will read and like?

Thinking back to the dark ages (I did grow up in the 70s) when blogs weren’t around yet (think editorial columns in newspapers and you pretty much have a blog), I can see how I’ve come to love writing and reading. It was a natural love – reading, writing reports so that I could print (no cursive) in my sing-songy handwriting. I wanted to tell a story!

Fast forward to over the last couple of years and I’ve had a couple of blog posts about books and how to get published, how to work with a literary agent, position your book so publishers take notice, and publicize your book.

But I didn’t want these things to be the basis of what I would write about since my life and your life is more than about books. In fact, if it weren’t for my life and kids, I probably wouldn’t have much to write about. They entertain, enlighten, and de-energize me but I wouldn’t live life without them!

I interact with moms of multiples, moms at sports, moms at drop-off and pick-up at school, writers, editors and reporters looking for good stories. And what I can say with confidence is that we all lead a varied life and what makes one person’s story unique is their experiences. Kind of like my potpourri garden that I know would pop up with all sorts of variations of blooms. None look quite like the other.  

And that’s where I am living these days and maybe you can relate. One day you’re living life the best you can. Love may or may not be in the moment. You may or may not see how God is working in your life. And that’s where you may turn to a blog, a book, and here’s hoping that’ll be here when you can drop by.

I’m grateful that you’ve decided to read my blog, give it a whirl, try it on for size.   
My intent is for you to be entertained, find some camaraderie, and some inspiration. Your heart is welcome here. So come on in, share some words about your life, love, and books. You will be in good company.

One of the things I’ve learned about life, love, and books. Don’t forget the order of how things work best. Life breeds love and love beholds a lot of things, including the love of books. But it doesn’t work from the other direction: books, love, then life. Life is more important than any book you’d write. And without life and love, it’d be impossible to write about anything we have experienced that people would want to read about, right?

So pull up a chair. Join the circle. And when you have something to share that hits you and you can’t live without saying it, chime in!

Life. Love. Books. Doesn’t get much better than that. At least from where I’m sitting.


What is the thing that propels you in life, love and books?

Leave a comment and I will include your name in a drawing for a gift card from Barnes & Noble. There’s a lot to love there and books for all ages and tastes.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you’ll stop in again!




  1. {Melinda} Congrats on your launch, Blythe! Love what you say about how life breeds love and books. So true. And surrendering our lives to the direction and deep relationship with Jesus Christ is so important and so fulfilling and sweet as we live out our journey.

    Look forward to connecting here. 🙂

  2. Great start! Just hoping there’s a pitcher of sweet iced tea close at hand!

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