The Blog Spot Network

When publishers talk about how one of the top ways they see book sales is through blogs, you listen! In order to follow suit of what is making a difference when it comes to more people hearing about books, we decided in January 2015 to launch a blog network to do the following: Print

  • Connect publishers and bloggers for more exposure to books
  • Give bloggers, who play an integral part in highlighting books and other products, a more spotlighted present in front of publishers and other writers
  • Allow new bloggers to learn from those with a bit more experience
  • Highlight and give exposure to bloggers with a new audience that our network delivers
  • Give away books and offer your readers a chance to win a free book
We have initiated a community of bloggers called The Blog Spot that now has over 100 bloggers reaching over 3.5 million people through their networks! We have reviewed books and movies from publishers and film production companies we work with like Thomas Nelson, Tyndale House, David C. Cook, Exploration Films, and others.

Each month we have a drawing for a $50 gift card to a major retailer. Those who post at least one review during the month will be eligible to enter the drawing. If you write more than one review, you are entered for as many reviews as you complete. Each review will also be posted on The Blog Spot’s Facebook and Twitter page to help bloggers reach a broader audience. Each month we feature a “Blogger of the Month” on our home page of this website.

We also offer a premium prize for our bloggers each month in the form of additional training (free blog critique, greater opportunities or resources to future events) or an additional gift offering through a gift card.

We are looking for active bloggers with all sizes of platforms. If you are interested in participating in the network or having your book reviewed through The Blog Spot, contact Stephanie Alton:, The Blog Spot and Content Manager. We review at least two resources each month. Bloggers in the network can decide how often they are available to review products.

Go ahead and fill out the sections below to sign up.