We believe conferences are one of the best ways for writers to meet agents and editors and get real-time feedback on their book proposals. We attend and support a number of conferences each year and encourage aspiring and previously published authors to attend a writers conference at least once during the year to (a) gain professional opinions on their idea(s), (b) learn to take critiques from various industry representatives, and (c) understand and work with the publishing industry rather than trying to guess or go around those who are making decisions about what’s getting published.

The following conferences are ones we recommend (a) because we know the staff of each and (b) believe they are among the best conferences for writers to mature and improve their writing craft and connect with publishing professionals who are in a position to help them. We have seen the return upon investments when writers connect with editors, agents, and conference attendees as a new or previously published author.

We will be at each of these conferences in 2017:

Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference

April 7-11, 2017
Mt. Hermon, California

Colorado Christian Writers Conference

May 17-20, 2017
Estes Park, Colorado

Northwest Georgia Writers Conference

May 19-20, 2017
Calhoun, Georgia

Write To Publish Conference

June 14-17, 2017
Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference

June 22-24, 2017
La Mirada, California

Northwest Christian Writers Conference

July 15, 2017
St. Paul, Minnesota

She Speaks

July 20-22, 2017
Concord, NC

Oregon Christian Writers Conference**

August 15-18, 2017
Portland, Oregon

**Entries for the Cascade Writing Contest for this conference will be accepted February 14 – March 31, 2017.

The Declare Conference

October 2-4, 2017
Southlake, TX

Check back for details on other conferences where we will be in 2017!