Robinson, Rhonda

rhondarobinson-1854157895Rhonda is a mother of nine, a mother-in-law to seven, and a grandmother of 22. Rhonda is a remarkable mom who lost her son Dan in an automobile accident, the subject of her book: When the Nest Is Robbed: Surviving the Unthinkable.

She’s also working on a book that moms can identify with called: The Lost Art of Mothering: How to Build a Strong Family in the Ruins of the Culture War.

Over the past 18 years, Rhonda Robinson, has provided commentary on the social political and parenting issues affecting the family through traditional newspaper and new media outlets. Rhonda is a columnist, freelance writer and blogger. Currently Rhonda is a core blogger at PJMedia Lifestyle, which has an average 28K-60K+ page views per day. In 2010 she gained her highest traffic pull of over 141,600 page views for a single parenting article.

Rhonda served as associate editor, and created content for the family section of David Horowitz’s NewsRealBlog, published through the Freedom Center, which was one of the top 50 conservative blogs on the Internet at the time and contributed to Frontpage Magazine from 2009 to 2011.

Rhonda’s publishing credits range from social and political commentary to a Clubhouse Magazine and upcoming Citizen magazine feature. But her personal highlight came in May 2010 when host Rush Limbaugh read her article about the government’s response to the Nashville flood live on air. Rhonda lives in the Nashville area with her husband and family.