Helgemo, Kathy

Unknown-2 (1)Kathy Helgemo started out as an English teacher after graduating from Florida State University, movedthrough various other jobs and landed in her current one as a freelance writer from home. She is a mom blogger at Mothering From Scratch, a Community Leader through DaySpring’s (in)Courage website, and a Regular Contributor at More To Be (moretobe.com). Kathy’s four children range in age from late teens to earlyelementary years.  With three boys and one girl, she has tackled many issues confronting moms – from breastfeeding to prom.

Kathy’s first book, written with Melinda Means, will be released by Bethany House Publishers in January 2015. The book is aimed at mothers in their 20s through 40s who are searching for biblical encouragement as they develop their own individualized mothering recipe, based on their personality type,strengths and weaknesses.